Partners - The Motivational Edge


  • The Motivational Edge is proficient at recognizing the essential needs of their students and families and has worked tirelessly to meet their needs over the past six years. We are very fortunate to have a group like The Motivational Edge uplifting the youth in our community; our youth in foster care particularly enjoy The Art of Creative Writing and Lyrical Expression. These programs offer them a much needed platform to verbally express themselves in a positive, non-threatening way. We find that such a progressive arts and academic program benefits the most vulnerable youth in our community and gives them an outlet to positively express themselves, which promotes creativity, positive thinking and personal growth.
    - Bart Armstrong
    Our Kids
  • This stellar creative youth development program in association with Berklee College of Music, and specifically the Berklee City Music Network, is of mutual benefit. Recently, myself and another staff member conducted a site visit at ME. On this visit we interviewed teachers and students and made observations about the facility. This close examination of our Network partners takes place every two to three years. Motivational Edge scored very well. We continue to be excited about our partnership with Motivational Edge!
    J. Curtis Warner, Jr.
    Berklee College of Music
  • The Motivational Edge has been impacting residential group home providers in the Suncoast Region since February 2016 after they initially presented what Motivational Edge is and how the program would benefit providers in the region. After the initial meeting took place in February 2016, two residential group home providers initiated services with Motivational Edge. Both facilities continue to use Motivational Edge as a therapeutic service.
    - Evan Leach
    FL Department of Children & Families



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