The Art of Creative Writing and Lyrical Expression:

This inspirational program takes youth and teens on a journey of self-discovery and personal development through creative writing, song writing and lyrical expression, while at the same time offering a rare and safe outlet for them to positively express themselves, without being judged. It also provides youth with an opportunity to learn various aspects of audio technology, performance etiquette and recording procedures, while integrating components of literacy into the program, which translates into the academic setting.

With EBD populations this program is often used as a behavior modification technique due to the engaging nature of the instructors and the interactive activities infused throughout the program.

Youth participating in this course will show improvements in:

      • Writing and Language Arts
      • Social emotional well-being
      • Growth of character and self-worth
      • Increased motivation in and out of school

Visual Arts:

This program represents a broader cross-section of the Arts, so while it deals with traditional street-art, it also involves art using more relevant media with subject matter that youth can relate to, living in a technology-heavy world. It is primarily project based, focusing on numerous interactive activities and projects, while teaching youth the fundamentals of various artistic mediums. Although the class is art based, intentional conversations and mentoring best practices are interwoven into the activities so that the bonds between the teacher and child strengthen, in turn providing a safe space where they can be vulnerable and grow.
Writing activities and verbal expression can also be incorporated, where the students describe their creative works by writing and presenting to their peers (when appropriate), which often leads to a sense of new-found confidence and breakthroughs.

    Music Instruction:

    Students have the option to participate in the following music classes in either an individual or group setting: guitar, keyboard, percussion, trumpet, vocals and more.


      This program offers students a lesson in the form of fitness, self-expression and dialogue; all through dance. For students dealing with a lot of pent-up energy, this program will serve as a safe and coordinated release, at the same time they are working on their fitness levels.

        Academic Tutoring and Educational Services:

            • Early Childhood Literacy Program- This program targets struggling readers in order to bring them up to grade level and beyond. Lessons will be given to strengthen students’ reading ability, morale and confidence.
              Cost (Including all supplies/materials):
            • Small Group Tutoring per Subject Area – With facilitation by a well-qualified educator, this program provides extra opportunity for personalized instruction to referred students. Students are grouped according to grade level and subject area.
            • Individual Tutoring- Offers students the 1 to 1 attention needed to master a certain skill in a particular subject area. This program can also be utilized to prepare for written or oral presentations and special projects.

        Day Camp:

        On Teaching Planning Days, holidays, weekends, special occasions, or emergency scenarios. Day Camp are offered where referred students can experience the full scope of programming that the Campus has to offer.

        After School Advantage Program:

        Youth in grades 1 – 12 can attend the After-School Advantage Program to receive therapeutic arts services, academic tutoring, behavior coaching, job-readiness training and more. The After-School Advantage Program provides youth with a creative, safe, supportive, and challenging environment in which they discover and foster their talents and creative arts skills. Trained Teaching Artists and tutors interweave vital life-skills and leadership skills into experiential learning activities and engaging lessons so that the learning goes far beyond the classroom and exposes students to opportunities in the community and beyond.

        Nighttime Support Services:

        In some cases, our doors stay open until 11pm or later so that youth facing unique challenges are embraced by a nurturing community of Teaching Artists, mentors, and trusted adults. In this inspiring environment, every brushstroke, every melody, and every written word become catalysts for personal growth and self-expression. Through evening programs tailored to individual needs, these remarkable young souls find solace, discover hidden talents, and forge unbreakable connections.