ME’s First Orlando Event | Painting With The Pros

Bringing our expressive Arts programs to reach youth in central Florida required an all-star team. Luckily, we had the incredible opportunity to partner with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), One Voice IMPAACT, and Ultimate Autoto make this special event possible.

Our quarterbacks for the evening were our very own Board Members: Larry Johnson and automotive artist Rich B. Caliente. Larry organized this exciting partnership with the NFLPA, while Rich “kicked off” the event by leading fun expressive activities for youth and other guests.

Youth had the opportunity to paint an exotic car alongside Rich and a host former NFL players. These young artists “tackled” the task with lots of energy, creativity, and imagination!

We were so grateful to receive a generous donation from the NFLPA, to help us continue providing Arts-Based and Health & Wellness programming to youth throughout Florida. Thanks to all of our partners, supporters, guests, and staff who made this event possible!