Lyrical Expression Helps Unaccompanied Immigrant Children Heal From Violence & Abuse

September 15, 2016

Immigrant children new to this Country often find difficulty adjusting to a new way of life as they flee from violence and abuse, especially if they arrive without family. As they grow up in the US they will need to understand the documents required for ssn so they can properly integrate which is one of the many difficult things they have to adjust too. Now, through a partnership between City of Miami District 1 Commissioner Wilfredo ‘Willy’ Gort, The Healthy Immigrant Children Initiative (HICI), and The Motivational Edge, unaccompanied immigrant children are breaking barriers through music and the arts, and finding hope for their future.

With programming fully underway at City of Miami’s Grapeland Park, these youth have been learning to express themselves through a Spanish version of the Art of Lyrical Expression. The program offers these kids the opportunity to write, recite and record music and poetry, giving them an outlet to be heard, along with a platform to develop new life-skills needed to develop a successful future.

“I am so happy that The Motivational Edge Music Program has been implemented at Grapeland Park in the City of Miami, District 1. These interactive programs encourage our children and help them assimilate into a new culture through the universal language of music. Best wishes and much success to the kids and instructors of The Motivational Edge. Keep up the great work.” Commissioner Wilfredo ‘Willy’ Gort

The Healthy Immigrant Children Initiative (HICI) offers holistic services to help these unaccompanied immigrant children ensuring they thrive academically, and are able to integrate and fully participate in their communities. The youth participating in the program currently have all been identified through HICI and are brought on-site to Grapeland Park to receive programming.

“The Motivational Edge is a great program for unaccompanied minors who need creative ways to express their suffering as well as anxiety about the challenges they confront in the U.S. They really enjoy lyrical expression, which creates that positive outlet but also allows them to tap into all their strengths and dreams. One participant wrote four pages worth of songs after one session.” Stated Aidil Oscariz, Program Director, HICI

Collectively, the strategies and services employed by the program enable participants to break the cycle of violence they have experienced in their homes or communities, assist in recovering from trauma, and identify and gather tools that contribute to their healthy development and academic achievement while facilitating their meaningful integration and contribution to their new community.

This Unaccompanied Immigrant Children Lyrical Expression program will be expanding to Duarte Park, which is also in City of Miami District 1, where more youth with various needs will be served. We invite the media to attend one of our programming sessions to hear the compelling stories of these youth.

About The Motivational Edge

The Motivational Edge is a 501(c)(3) youth development agency that uses culturally relevant arts as a motivational platform to inspire youth toward academic achievement, increased self-confidence and the building of essential life skills. Using the arts as a motivational and learning platform, ME impels students who are underachieving toward desperately needed academic instruction. The youth currently served by The Motivational Edge are walking testaments that the arts are an extremely powerful learning and healing tool.


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