Advisory Board Member, Campus Coordinator

Kristal Taffe was born in Jamaica where she enjoyed the benefit of a post-colonial education in her early childhood. She spent the duration of her childhood back and forth between the United States and Jamaica where she was able to see firsthand; the contrast of privilege and misfortune.

Kristal graduated high school in Florida and began studying and working in healthcare soon after. During her coursework and labs, it became apparent that while she enjoyed caring for people, healthcare was not the industry that fed her soul.

After becoming a parent, early childhood education became a significant passion in her life. She began working in a Montessori school and started the program necessary to become qualified to educate children in the best way possible. After becoming a teacher, Kristal instructed grade levels of many ages. She inspired greatness for he students and encouraged her counterparts to elevate their standards.

Kristal is an aesthete who loves the opportunity at The Motivational Edge to see and nurture talent at its inception.