Lyrical Expression, Music Production

Desmond “Chize” Symonette began his lyrical journey at the age of 13. Chize’s lyrics shined a bright light on his upbringing in the rough area of Brownsville, a.k.a. “Brown Subs,” for which he gained recognition and became a well-known face in school. Chize didn’t stop there! After high school, he dug deeper into production while attending college for a degree in Music Business and Creative Production.

Soon, Chize began producing for many local artists and gaining recognition as a producer, which ultimately made him put his rapping on the back burner and focus solely on producing his signature beats, often compared to 9th Wonder. During a recent interview, Chize was quoted saying, “Music is my passion and due to the fact that I was raised listening to 70’s-90’s soul music, I wanted to incorporate that in my current day production, which is why I look up to the J-Dilla’s, 9th Wonders, Pete Rocks, and DJ Premiers of our time.”

No stranger to the limelight, Chize and his group Silenthand have opened concerts for artists such as Currensy and Asap Rocky, and has produced for most of the top hip-hop artist in Miami. Since June 2013, Chize has been putting his skills and passion to action at The Motivational Edge, and is enriching lives of many under-resourced youth across South Florida.