Lyrical Expression, Musical Theater

Amybelle Alvarez was born into a family with a deeply rooted appreciation and skill for music and the arts. Amy naturally fell into the world of music at a young age by passing a random singing test in her second-grade music class. From then on, attending Miami’s finest Performing Arts schools paved the way for intensive training as a soloist, classical choir member, and also provided opportunities to explore and learn the piano, various forms of dance, musical theater, and music production. Today, she is a mom of twin boys and has a degree in Music Education with a background in Classical and Jazz Vocals. “Miss Amy” is a creative Teaching Artist at the campus who, with the help of the Edge Team, has led dance classes, musical numbers, showcases and events, small ensembles, music theory classes, piano lessons, voice lessons and her latest accomplishment, music and dance workshops at Foxy’s School of Music in The British Virgin Islands. Her belief is that the arts are an essential tool in every child’s life and so aspires to continue growing in all her art forms so she can pass on her knowledge and love of music to future generations.