Tallahassee Workshop

We’re taking our talents to Tallahassee!

The Motivational Edge and One Voice IMPAACT (a project of the Florida Coalition for Children) joined forces for an introductory workshop this past weekend at Palmer Munroe Teen Center in Tallahassee

Our team of Teaching Artist trainers from Miami and Tampa arrived on Friday afternoon. One of the local phrases we quickly became acquainted with was, “It’s right around the corner.”

Food? Right around the corner.
The Teen Center? Right around the corner.
Mike’s apartment? Right around the corner.
Impacting young lives? It’s complicated.

 A team of 7 Teaching Artists (3 veteran Teaching Artists and 4 new Tallahassee-based Teaching Artists) met to learn more about Tallahassee and each other’s experiences. Our longtime Teaching Artists guided the newest recruits through a rigorous training session including best practices, classroom experiences, cultivating talent, mentoring youth, and more.




Over the course of a few hours on Friday night and Saturday morning, the ME team was excited to take the first steps toward making a lasting IMPAACT on youth at the Palmer Munroe Teen Center. Our Teaching Artists spent 6 hours working with youth, building rapport, introducing writing and expression concepts, and creating beats and songs. The ME IMPAACT isn’t right around the corner – it’s already here.

–Erick Guerra, Programs Manager