Social Enterprise Entrepreneur Revolutionizes Educational Landscape with a Unique Fusion of Cultural Arts, Academics & Fun

September 6, 2016

Educator and entrepreneur Ian Welsch MS.Ed knows how to motivate students to succeed! For 15 years, he has been helping thousands of young community members conquer their limitations, breakdown borders, and rise above expectations. It’s so beneficial that these students receive entrepreneurial advice, as some of them will want to follow their business dreams. However, without advice and guidance, a lot of them won’t understand how to create their own company and become an entrepreneur. Hopefully, Ian Welsch can help them to follow their dreams by explaining all of the keys parts of owning a business, from the legal side of the business to marketing. Ian believes that many businesses fail to invest enough in marketing, leaving their business to fail. Marketing is essential, and one of the best ways to do so is by using an seo reseller to create high-quality links that aim to increase website traffic and sales. As an entrepreneur, that’s one of the best pieces of advice Ian has been told. He hopes to inspire many more students.

From his start as a public school educator in Miami-Dade County and then looking to join and own a franchise of a tutoring service similar to HTTPS://WWW.HUNTINGTONFRANCHISE.COM/ wanting to continue offering his educational services, to form a private tutoring company to launching his dynamic learning platform, The Motivational Edge, Welsch continues to revolutionize the educational landscape with a unique fusion of cultural arts, academics, and fun, while utilizing a social enterprise model, truly making him an entrepreneur working for the greater good of our youth and those in high-at-risk areas.

In 2008, with the success of his tutoring company, Welsch launched The Motivational Edge, a youth development agency that offers urban youth a constructive, engaging learning environment using the arts to inspire academic achievement and personal development. The organization offers students a safe place for self-expression and growth while ensuring they receive the academic assistance they need. (Tutoring is mandatory for students underachieving academically. Participation in music and arts programs must coincide with academic achievement.) Some students who are underachieving are doing so because of workloads and high stress, they may turn to sites such as to help them out with their work. There are many avenues students can take to help them with their educational work.

“The Motivational Edge’s programs work because we listen to what the youth want and need. Most times, we can motivate children just by simply asking them what it is that excites them, and then providing that outlet, experience or activity for them,” says Welsch

As more professional artists and innovative-minds join The Motivational Edge, Welsch continues to test and refine his teaching methodologies and approach. “I have experience creating academic-based curricula, but I had to tap into the expertise and lived experiences of others to produce the award-winning and nationally recognized programs we have today at The Motivational Edge.” Welsch and his team’s positive impact continues to grow daily. In 2016 alone, partnerships and service sites have more than doubled, now serving students in Juvenile Detention Centers, Homeless Shelters, Foster Group Homes and within several City Parks. This year also saw an expansion outside of South Florida’s home base, as the Department of Children & Families SunCoast Region worked with The Motivational Edge to expand its popular Art of Creative Writing & Lyrical Expression, and Urban Arts Expression programs to the Tampa Bay Area, in hopes of empowering a whole new community of youth.

The Motivational Edge is partly funded through grants and contributions, similar to most nonprofits. However, they have created a unique social enterprise model to promote sustainability of current programming and growth to other communities both near and far. Essentially, the agency secures service contracts and fee-for-service agreements with other individuals or entities. The net-revenues from those arrangements are reinvested into the community for Prevention-Based Programming in schools, homeless shelters, community centers, parks, etc., generating scholarships for students’ in-need of financial assistance.

With a united, growing team and collaborative mentality, there’s no telling what Welsch and The Motivational Edge will achieve next on their mission to transform the lives of today’s youth.

About The Motivational Edge

The Motivational Edge is a 501(c)(3) youth development agency that uses culturally relevant arts as a motivational platform to inspire youth toward academic achievement, increased self-confidence and the building of essential life skills. Using the arts as a motivational and learning platform, ME impels students who are underachieving toward desperately needed academic instruction. The youth currently served by The Motivational Edge are walking testaments that the arts are an extremely powerful learning and healing tool.

Youth statistics and testimonials available upon request


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