September Employee Of The Month: Adrian “Rocky” Gonzalez

October 1st, 2015

Valuing our staff and team is something that we hold in high regards at The Motivational Edge, and without any doubt all of our staff are exceptional. So when it’s time to choose our Employee of the Month, it’s definitely not an easy task. We look for leadership, initiative, drive as well as incorporating feedback from our service sites as part of the selection process.

This month’s Employee of the Month, Adrian “Rocky” Gonzalez is one of our more tenured instructors that we consider a “triple threat”. Rocky specializes in all of our pillar programs which include Lyrical Expression, Urban Arts and Dance Expression. He was also one of our first instructors to work with foster youth providing arts-based classes that are therapeutic in nature to youth in foster homes. Constantly, going above and beyond to support our youth and the organization’s mission, he regularly steps up and fills in for staff at the Statewide Inpatient Psychiatric Program, giving selflessly during his weekends. He currently serves as the head instructor of the Lyrical Expression program at our Chapman Partnership service site and is working on implementing an Urban Arts program there as well.

For these numerous reasons and his unwavering dedication to The Motivational Edge, we’d like to congratulate Adrian “Rocky” Gonzalez as September’s Motivational Edge Employee of the Month!

‘The Motivational Edge has given me the opportunity to empower the youth and also give them a voice to express themselves through music and art.” – Adrian Gonzalez Learn more about Adrian “Rocky Gonzalez, here.