Irie Foundation Partnership

July 22nd, 2014

In July 2014, The Motivational Edge’s Allapattah Music and Literacy Center was renamed The Irie Foundation Allapattah Music and Literacy Center.  For 2+ successful years of partnership, the Irie Foundation has funded music, arts, and academic programming offered to under-resourced youth from Allapattah and the surrounding areas of Brownsville and Liberty City. DJ Irie and his Irie Foundation understand that the arts play a fundamental role in well-rounded educational experiences for children, leading to increased self-confidence, motivation to learn, tolerance of others, and countless additional benefits.

The journey of a lifetime begins with the first step. It is the aim of the Irie Foundation’s Board to ensure that the first step is one that an under-served, under-resourced, capable and motivated young person can make confidently. With the right support, we can enable them to fulfill the education of their mind and the nourishment of their spirit through mentoring programs, musical and cultural experiences, and scholarship opportunities.

During the 2015-16 school year, The Motivational Edge and the Irie Foundation teamed up to launch programming at iTECH @ Thomas A. Edison Educational Center. Irie Rhythms Percussion Program was born, partnering with The Edge’s Lyrical Expression, audio recording, piano and guitar classes to pave the way toward a program that has transformed dozens of teenage lives.

Since mid-2012, the Irie Foundation has played a vital role in supporting The Motivational Edge’s efforts. Through their generous contributions, Irie and his team have provided a safe haven for many inner city youth, affording them a platform for positive self-expression and helping them excel both in and out of school. Irie’s investment in this creative hub has breathed new life into the Allapattah community, which will feel the positive impact for years to come.

“We are building the foundation for our future Leaders of society, and we are proud to have made this first step in the journey of self-improvement for our young people of South Florida.”

– DJ Irie