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Teaching Artists

Available Positions:
▪️ Lyrical Expression/Music
▪️ Music Production
▪️ Urban Arts
▪️ Dance (Miami only)

▪️ Miami-Dade County
▪️ Broward County
▪️ Indian River County
▪️ Brevard County

Job Requirements & Role:
• A talented and compassionate artist with a desire to leverage those talents to help transform young lives in the community.
• Able to work across multiple mediums and showcase different art styles.
• Experience working with youth of all ages and abilities.
• A positive attitude and a high degree of personal initiative are essential.

Job Functions:
• Communicate with the youth through the language of art.
• Present a well thought-out curriculum with project ideas for young children and teenagers that encompass a variety of art mediums and solutions-focused projects based on current events and important, real-life topics. (i.e. recycling, racism, bullying, etc)
• Arrive in a timely manner, prepared with project ideas in mind. Contingency plans depending on youth's needs is always essential.
• Work closely with The Edge's art team, creating an art plan of action every season. Discuss materials needed, themes, and goals.
• Gear youth towards presenting their projects, making self-expression and self-confidence an important aspect in every session.

Additional Information
• Pay: $17 - $20
• Hours Vary

About us
The Motivational Edge is solutions-focused youth development organization in Miami that leverages culturally relevant arts, mentorship, and personal development programs to engage, educate and empower young lives.

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