Tiffany Perez - The Motivational Edge

Tiffany Perez

Julian Munro
August 8, 2022

Tiffany Perez is a respected bilingual professional (English/Spanish) with over 15+ years of experience accentuating the sales, advertising, and traditional/digital marketing landscapes. Heavily focused on creating authentic connections between brands and their target audiences, Tiffany holds an extensive background involving cohesive messaging, content testing and integrations, sales/market research, and executing authentic campaigns that enhance brand voices within the competitive market. Even more, she is passionate about leveraging these experiences, along with her rich local market knowledge, to continuously help brands convert leads to sales and ultimately gain what they value the most – increased exposure, a preservable reputation, and sustainable growth.

Native to Miami, Tiffany initially began her career professionalizing heavily within the multimedia, sales, and marketing sectors within the area. Throughout this 15+ year tenure, Tiffany worked with several renowned organizations, including Miami Herald, Miami New Times, CBS and IHeartMedia, as well as developed a proven track record of translating branding scaling visions into tangible, lucrative realities. Collectively, Tiffany has become largely acclaimed for her ongoing effort that has resulted in measurable impacts, including brand revenue growth, market share increases, and competitive placements. But more characteristically, Tiffany is admired for her uplifting ambiance that forms lasting relationships, her ability to develop customized plans that guarantee positive trajectories forward, and for taking on all branding/marketing initiatives with a moral compass and an open mind.

To date, Tiffany holds a BS in Broadcast Journalism and Psychology from the University of Miami and enjoys demonstrating on a community scale that any brand can excel with the right innovative support, vision alignments, competitive research, and splashes of encouraging motivation.