Sienyi Cambridge - The Motivational Edge
Lakshmi Ruiz
February 7, 2018
Thiana Berrick
February 7, 2018

Sienyi Cambridge hails from Trinidad and Tobago, where music and art is a heavy part of the culture.

Ever since she can remember, Sienyi has always been involved in art and music classes. Sienyi was fortunate enough to grow up having private piano lessons, where s learned to overcome her overwhelming shyness of self-expression. Art classes was where Sienyi learned she had a knack for painting, drawing, sculpting and any other form of creative expression. Later she took up acting lessons, and joined a band where she learned to play the saxophone. Sienyi discovered a passion for dance and joined a competitive step team.

In school, Sienyi had a bit of a hard time excelling academically but the arts was where she felt most capable and confident. The art room was like a world she could disappear into, it was where she fit in. Sienyi found that Music and Art was her outlet, where her creativity could be unleashed, and where she felt free.

Sienyi knows just how important it is for us to provide artistic outlets for our future generations. She believes the arts are a perfect opportunity to connect with all ages, sharing knowledge, wisdom as well as listening to each other, and supporting one another as we create and express ourselves musically, vocally, and artistically.

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