Rayko Batista - The Motivational Edge
Tina Paulicin
January 25, 2021
Kamila Cardenas
August 14, 2020

Rayko Lazaro Batista is a creative individual, occupying a number of given areas all revolving around creative work associated with Music and the business that supports it.

Rayko’s roles range from being a Consultant finding future talent for world-leading production music library company, Epidemic Sound, to touring South America with Latin legend Diego Torres as his acoustic guitar player, back up vocalist, and featured rapper.

Rayko is a creative force whose life dream was to be a famous singer, but finds that there are so many more rewarding aspects in this creative industry such as: Producing, Ghostwriting, Performing Artist, A&R, and being a Contest Judge. He stays active in all these services and, on the side, is taking his time to develop his own project.