Ramis Mercado - The Motivational Edge
Monica Reyes
August 8, 2018
Desmond Symonette
March 28, 2018

Ramis E. Mercado is a passionate lyricist with a gift for communicating in-depth topics in creative and relatable ways. He’s a natural born leader, which is what has lead him into leadership positions with youth and also serving as an RA at Oral Roberts University. His Passion for music and pop culture was evident from a very young age and was influenced by the different places he has lived. Born in New York city raised in Dominican Republic & Miami, there’s no denying each place has made a contribution into his lyrical repertoire. For over 10 years now Ramis, has used his music and poetry as an avenue to connect with youth and young adults. In addition to working with The Motivational Edge he is co-founder of oddblueroses. A collective of forward thinking creatives whose mission is to encourage others to believe in themselves and the artist within. “We are creators not consumers.”

"I enjoy working for the Motivational Edge because it gives me an opportunity to show young adults the potential that exists in their personality and their personal development. It gives me an opportunity to share things I’ve learned throughout my life that perhaps were not shared with me, that I had to learn the hard way. It’s really an opportunity to be yourself and find value.”

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