Montserrat (Monty) Ortiz-Vazquez - The Motivational Edge
Anthony Quinones
May 13, 2022
Andre Brevil
May 13, 2022

Born in Mexico City, Mexico, raised in Homestead, Florida, Montserrat Ortiz has had the opportunity to attend school in the United States. She also had the privilege to work in the Miami-Dade School System where she realized how much support students needed when it came to resources outside of school. With little clue as to where to start helping, it was then that she found The Motivational Edge to join to help gain experience in community outreach programs.

She is a firm believer that our youth will be the ones to lead us forward and she would want to support them in any way possible. As Campus Administrator at The Motivational Edge she is able to support the community youth by working closely with the Campus Coordinator to create programs that will empower our students to reach their goals. With tutoring programs and visual and performing art programs our students will have a healthy and safe environment where they can express themselves all while reinforcing their education. She hopes to inspire the youth to break stereotypes, educate themselves to empower themselves, and to believe in themselves no matter their situation.