Lakshmi Ruiz - The Motivational Edge
Kalil Bohannon
February 7, 2018
Rudy Sablon
February 7, 2018

Miami native Lakshmi Ruiz’s first love in the arts began with Theatre at the age of 12, attending a Magnet Arts school in South Florida and moving onto a comprehensive theatre program in high school. What she believed to be an infatuation with the portrayal of emotions, soon turned out to be an infatuation for words themselves.

Lakshmi Ruiz is a spoken word poet who teaches Lyrical Expression for The Motivational Edge and has performed her pieces all over South Florida. She has been featured in the Miami New Times for a commemorative piece dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. and has served as a volunteer speaker for Christ Fellowship in various community centers. She wholeheartedly enjoys working with children and encourages adults everywhere to spread knowledge to any and all youth in their midst. The youth is our future and so it is in our hands to develop them to be outstanding human beings.

“Words are all I possess, I wield them well.”