Kareem Fletcher - The Motivational Edge
Kalil Bohannon
February 7, 2018
Lakshmi Ruiz
February 7, 2018

Kareem began his career as an artist 20 years ago, littering his living room floor with drawings of his favorite cartoon characters. In addition, Kareem began to awaken the artist from within. As a result, Kareem experimented with painting, drawing, and sculpting to become more in tune with his ability to create art. He was given rein to choose his canvases and mediums: Walls, newspapers, even his older sister’s homework all became platforms for his self-expression. It was as though he was outside of himself, watching the development and fine tuning of his craft. Therefore, Kareem continued to build and strengthen his skills by attending the New World School of the Arts College. As a graduate in class of 2008, Kareem has proven his ability to create unique styles as an artist and innovator in this vast New World. In addition, Kareem has learned to organize his thoughts and focus on the meaning behind his art. Equally important, Kareem has taken a strategic approach to help master the ability to create an understanding in order to understand what he creates.

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