Kamila Cardenas - The Motivational Edge
Michael “Jet” Lo
March 5, 2021
Amy Alvarez
April 26, 2020

Kamila Cardenas was born and raised in the suburbs of Kansas City. She moved to Miami in 2004 to create a future for herself. By June 1, 2006, Kamileon Productions was born. Kamileon Productions specializes in providing corporate clients all forms of entertainment for their national and international groups traveling to Miami. Kamila is the main director and oversees all aspects of Kamileon Productions. She is also a specialty performer, focused on Fire Dance, Belly Dance, Samba, and Theatrical Characters.

In addition to directing and performing for Kamileon Productions, Kamila has been a full-time Group Fitness Instructor with Crunch South Beach since 2009. Within the Crunch platform, she has trained in a variety of fitness and dance modalities over the years. She is also a Crunch Live Instructor with online videos for Crunch members.

Kamila appreciates her physical body for allowing her to enjoy all of her daily activities. From this passion, she has dedicated every day to health & wellness, teaching like minded individuals how to listen to their bodies and encourage laser beam focus during sessions. Inspiration and Fun are the keys for Kamila; learning and expanding in order to always to be a better version of herself the day before. She is happy to share her many years of experience to engage, educate and empower the youth at The Motivational Edge and their affiliates.