Jesus M. Diaz-Aquino - The Motivational Edge
Lakshmi Ruiz
February 7, 2018
Sienyi Cambridge
February 7, 2018

Jesus M. Diaz-Aquino, also known as “Teddy B” is a poignant lyricist who found his love for the arts at a very young age. Born in Puerto Rico, Teddy moved to Miami at the age of 10 where learned to use lyrics to adapt to his environment. He has since then used his talents to lead, inspire and help those around him. Teddy has worked with local youth as a mentor, helping them see life differently through lyrics and self-expression. Teddy is also a member of the Odd Blue Roses.

“I see your hard work & dedication. Trust me, I do.I see the world leader that lies within you.I see all of your wildest dreams evolve into something that is true. But I can’t see it for you, YOU GOTTA SEE IT TOO!”

-Teddy B