Frank Gali - The Motivational Edge
Bianca Rodriguez
September 11, 2021
Marcelin Fils-Aime
April 26, 2021

Frank David Gali is a singer and songwriter from Miami, Florida born into a family that has roots in the land famous for its “cafecito” - Cuba. His mother is a classical pianist. He can remember hearing her play through the classics since he was a boy, falling in love with the emotion, power, and beauty of music. 

Frank has had 13 years of experience working in the non-profit world. He was the Weekend Experience Director of one of the largest churches in Dade county. During this time, Frank led multiple teams ranging from music to production and arts to communication, in crafting experiences across 7 campuses all over the city of Miami.

Frank has been composing and performing music for many years and is passionate about the power of the arts to transform the lives of those in the coming generation. Frank cares deeply about wholistic health and is an advocate for creating spaces where real, tangible life change can happen.