Alexandra Kontos - The Motivational Edge
David Gorson
August 13, 2018
Monica Reyes
August 8, 2018
Alexandra (“Alex”) Kontos is an ex-attorney, seasoned sales professional, speaker and entrepreneur, having most recently ventured into the innovative world of private health coverage. In her role as a Licensed (in 30 states) Health Advisor with USHEALTH Group, Alex helps families and entrepreneurs secure innovative, affordable and custom-built health coverage plans that are exclusive and not available to everyone. What she enjoys the most about her latest entrepreneurial endeavor (besides saving her clients LOTS of money on their health coverage) is serving as an advocate for her clients when it comes to providing clarity and education so that they can make confident choices with their health plans and also with their overall health. Alex’s professional accomplishments include having co-founded an all-women law firm that served over 1,000 clients and employed over 40 women throughout its five-year run. After encountering far too many unhappy lawyers (and secretly having a love/hate relationship with the law herself), she founded Embrace the Esquire, a platform for women lawyers and entrepreneurs to learn sales and influence skills through inspirational and soul-filling events, including workshops and 3-day retreats. Alex loves speaking to groups of entrepreneurs and salespeople, and has presented at numerous events, including the Tenth Women’s Success Summit and the Office Depot Foundation’s Women’s Symposium. In her spare time, Alex is a dedicated athlete, having trained for and completed eight obstacle course races, including her favorite, the 15-mile Spartan Race Breckenridge Beast. Alex has reached every milestone for success set by her company. She repeatedly finishes in the prestigious “Top 10” of Personal Producers for the company, winning the number 7 slot on June 2018. Alex’s passion for service and giving back to the Miami community in which she grew up led her to her getting involved with the Motivational Edge on a formal level as a board member once again.