Alexander Star - The Motivational Edge
Desmond Symonette
March 28, 2018
Chire Regans
March 20, 2018

Alexander Star joined the Motivational Edge family in 2014, although he’ll tell you that he wishes he’d found out about ME much sooner. Mr. Star is a Lyrical Expression instructor, vocal coach and Pro Tools engineer with 12 years of experience in the recording industry. Since incorporating himself in 2009, Alexander Star has worked as a professional songwriter and vocal production specialist with artists and producers throughout the world. Working with youth comes naturally to Mr. Star, who fully commits himself to showing artists how to express themselves creatively without having to compromise who they really are. Mr. Star and the entire ME team are able to reach kids in a special way, accessing hidden talents and potentials that some students didn’t even know they had. The kids are then taught to place real value on what they have – not what they see other people with. Alexander Star’s vision is to catalyze a new wave of commercially successful music without having to promote ignorance, recklessness or negativity – and he is certainly leading by example. He is the Chief Brand Ambassador of AFR Clothing and a member of the board for the Amani Hope Foundation, both of which provide educational scholarships to underprivileged children in Africa. He co-wrote the official theme song “Come to Me” for Feeding South Florida, and recently penned the official theme song “This Is My ERA” for the Millennium Campus Network. Alexander Star’s work has been featured in local, national and international publications for the difference he is making.

“People listen to music because it makes them feel something. I write my music this way because I figure if I’m going to make people feel something, I want it to be good.”

– Alexander Star

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