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Support Foxy’s School of Music on Jost Van Dyke

The Motivational Edge Heads to The British Virgin Islands

In September of 2017, Foxy’s School of Music and nearly 100% of the buildings on Jost Van Dyke were ravaged by Hurricane Irma and Maria. Fast forward to April of 2019 and we are honored to partner with Foxy’s School of Music to help rebuild and revive the school for the talented young people and residents of Jost Van Dyke. Since early 2018, the team at The Motivational Edge, Foxy, and so many others have been coordinating efforts to not only rebuild the school but to also equip it with state of the art instruments, equipment and staff to run sustainable programming for years to come. All school-aged children, young adults and residents will have access to instrument classes, the recording studio and so much more on the island, including the many avenues and relationships our team is forming back here in the States to serve as bridges to success and opportunity for the young people we will serve.

Solutions-Focused Programming in BVI

A state-of-the-art audio-visual technology space will empower our students to produce original videos, record and mix their own songs, and design contemporary graphics, equipping them with hands-on experience suitable for a college education or career in the technology-driven creative industry. Connected to a Whisper Room for vocal recordings, this space will offer boundless opportunities for youth to gain real-world skills in multiple disciplines while engaging in teamwork, computer literacy, self-expression and more.

· Coding · 3D Printing · Audio and Visual Production

Our Music Production program teaches students the fundamentals of beat-making, pre-production, and audio engineering, offering technology-focused musical experiences beyond the scope of a traditional arts curriculum. By providing real-world, hands-on experience with professional software and technology, this program prepares youth for college, an internship, or a career in the music industry – maybe even a position at The Motivational Edge!

Our multipurpose studio and gallery space allow youth to create, display and/or perform their works of art while enabling the Campus to welcome community events such as Art Basel, Art Miami, and other local festivals and exhibitions. This highly versatile space allows youth to build self-confidence through the exhibition and celebration of their own works, as well as engage with the wider Miami artistic community, offering opportunities for networking, discovery, and endless imagination.

In conjunction with our arts programs, which have demonstrated improvement in students’ academic success, we provide youth with opportunities for homework assistance, test prep, and general tutoring to assist with any core subject, assignment, or project. Our instructors work with youth not only to improve academic performance, but also to set personal goals, incorporate creative activities, and motivate long-term success. At our new Allapattah Campus, students receiving a C or below in a core subject are required to participate in our tutoring programs, ensuring that they are motivated to succeed and preparing them for a brighter future.