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Essential Services: Serving Children in Foster Care Through The Covid-19 Pandemic

Foster youth in Miami-Dade County are facing this pandemic without family or a place to call home. ME is committed to providing Essential Services that are a source of comfort and stability for our most affected youth.


Foster youth in Miami-Dade County are facing this pandemic without family or a safe place during this crisis.

Just like many other people across the country, foster youth are confused and frightened by what these uncertain times will bring to their life. They are hearing a lot of information from many different sources and that confusion can breed anxiety, it can breed depression and it can lead to social withdrawal or behavioral issues. The Motivational Edge is being called upon to deliver Essential Services to these most vulnerable youth in our community by providing: extended service hours, weekend services, county-wide transportation, daily meals and snacks, academic and distance learning support, mentoring, recreation and a robust therapeutic arts curriculum. The holistic approach by ME provides security and continuity at a time when youth are most in need of reassurance, guidance and support.

Citrus Health Network and The Motivational Edge, two leaders in child welfare and youth development, will continue to work together to provide these essential youth services across the county ensuring the safety of foster youth and their continued development. This collaboration is a perfect example of agencies working collectively in emergency preparedness efforts to ensure youth are not displaced or suffering additional traumas during this pandemic.

The difficulty associated with safely keeping all youth engaged while practicing social distancing for 8 hours+ each day, following national and country-level guidance on risk mitigation and safety protocols is challenging, yet possible by ME’s veteran staff being well educated on policies for staff/student protection. ME implements daily health screenings and specific safety messaging, actions and checklists for administrators, direct service staff, and youth to follow.

Daily communication about everyday preventative actions like encouraging students and staff to stay home when they are sick, encouraging healthy hygiene practices (covering coughs/sneezes), washing hands often, keeping groups to less than 10 and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and objects (I.e. Tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, sinks, etc.) all of which are intended to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

ME will continue to update their emergency operations plan with the guidance of local public health departments, their Leadership team, and other relevant community partners to continue to effectively implement these essential services.

Donate today and ensure that our youth in foster care continue to recieve these Essential Services.


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